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The biological clock in short

The human biological clock ticks in alignment with a rhythm of several light phases. This 24-hour rhythm is being arranged by our biological clock (Nucleus Suprachiasmaticus, in short SCN), which is in direct contact with our own eyes. Because of this rhythm our body is able to adjust to the day- and night rhythm on earth. Humans are roughly used to the following 3 phases:

1. Blue light in the morning. The colour blue is as it were the alarm clock of nature. Our body has been build so as to stop the production of melatonin when we see blue light (think of a blue sky). 
2. White light during the day. The blue light that becomes more white during the day, makes sure that our blood pressure and bodily temprature goes up. It makes our body active, because of which we will peak both mentally and physically at the end of the day.
3. Red light in the evening. As the white light makes place for the red light (of fire and a sunset), our body becomes at rest. Our metabolism slows down, we become sleepy and our body gets he chance to recover. It is slowly becoming darker. During this phase the SCN will give of signals to the pineal gland, in order for it to start producing melatonin. This hormone will then be spread by the body causing the body to fall asleep.


The red light of Healthy Light

It has been scientifically proven that red light has no influence on the production of melatonin. Better yet, the production of melatonin will not be disrupted should we come into contact with red light. The body remains at rest. With normal artificial light (blue and white) the production of melatonin however the production of melatonin will stop directly, due to which the body will wake up. 

Our light solution are equipped with a heat resistant red filter and a normal filter. Click once and the red filter will be activated, click twice for the normal filter. During nightly visits to the toilet, bathroom, or the hallway, one does not have to come into contact again with the blue artificial light, whilst at the same time you can still see where you are going!

Customers speaking

I have to go to the bathroom about 2 or 3 times per night, and I always became awake again because of the bright light in the bathroom. Now I have the red light of Healthy Light with which I can see, but do not become awake.
I have had the Healthy Light for a few weeks now and I solely use the redlight after 21:00 in order to bring myself into sleep mode. I think it works.
Great! With normal light I am always blinded at night and without light you will not see anything. The red light is a nice solution.

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Healthy Light Crew

The creators of Healthy light do not live in the dark. We love light and cannot live without, however we are also aware of the disadvantages that artificial light have brought us, most of those in the evenening and the night. By making people aware of the influence that artificial light has on the human body and by producing products that do not disrupt our biological rythm, we hope to add to our customers good nights rest. 

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