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We care about our products and will always try and do our best to deliver these in good condition. Still it could sometimes happen that an order breaks during transportation or that something happens due to which you can become eligible for warranty. From a legal perspective you are obligated to make an observation of defect within two months. Should the defect occur within the specified warranty time, we will arrange reparation or replacement free of cost. 

It can always occur that something does not wholly go according to plan. We encourage you to first make your complaint known to us by sending an email to We will find a solution together, because we only want satisfied customers. Should this not lead to an agreeable solution, then it is possible to make a complaint through the ODR platform of the European Committee. This ODR platform can be found through When your complaint has not been taking into consideration elsewhere, you are free to file a complaint through the platform of the European Union. 

Customers speaking

I have to go to the bathroom about 2 or 3 times per night, and I always became awake again because of the bright light in the bathroom. Now I have the red light of Healthy Light with which I can see, but do not become awake.
I have had the Healthy Light for a few weeks now and I solely use the redlight after 21:00 in order to bring myself into sleep mode. I think it works.
Great! With normal light I am always blinded at night and without light you will not see anything. The red light is a nice solution.

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Healthy Light Crew

The creators of Healthy light do not live in the dark. We love light and cannot live without, however we are also aware of the disadvantages that artificial light have brought us, most of those in the evenening and the night. By making people aware of the influence that artificial light has on the human body and by producing products that do not disrupt our biological rythm, we hope to add to our customers good nights rest. 

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