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when you use our website, your contact details can be collected and used. The owner of the brand Health Light is Healthy Light (hereby after to be called ‘’Healthy Light’’ , ‘’we’’, or ‘’us’’), which business is responsible for the collection and usage of these contact details. Healthy Light has ordered themselves to be open and transparent about how we collect, protect, and use the contact details of our clients, business partners, and others. Contact details are details about an identified person or a person that is identifiable through these contact details. In this privacy statement we explain how we get to work, for example we explain which contact details are being used by us and for which purpose. This privacy statement has no influence on the usage of contact details of employees within the context of their employment at Healthy Light. We take great care in protecting the privacy and contact details of all our clients, business partners, and other visitors of our website. All contact details will therefore be carefully recorded, used, and secured. Healthy Light takes all the responsibilities that come from the general data protection (AVG) and other Dutch privacy laws.

Healthy Light
‘t Kiefteland 26
1906WE Limmen


Phone number: 0725054665
KVK: 71361685

when you use our website, you share some information with us or you leave some information with us. This is the case when, for example, you place an order, you register for the newsletter, or when you notify us that you want to receive information about the lamps of Healthy Light.
The personal details that we can take and use from our website are:
- your name, e-mail and (delivery- and invoice-) address of people;
- company name;
- payment information;
- your (mobile) phone number;
- which product(s) you have ordered;
- your correspondence with Healthy Light, should it be the case;
- behavioural data (online activities, internet usage, and the duration of your session); and
- IP addresses and time stamps.

We can use these personal details for the following purposes:
- to successfully fulfil orders;
- to analyse and/or improve the quality and quantity of information about our products, (client) services and websites;
- to better adjust the correspondence about (for example) deliveries and pay back procedures;
- to send information, sales offers, and promotion activities with regard to your interests and click and search behaviour;
- to answer questions that have been asked for example through our website;
- to give information about new products and services;
- to give the client a personal account for our website;
- to give you the possibility to interact with our social media accounts;
- to research the satisfaction level of our clients, business partners, or others; and
- for internal analysis of (client) research purposes.

This means that even when you did not give us immediate permission for the receival of marketing information, u hereby give Healthy Light permission to send you information about Health Light, and about the same or relatively aligning products that you have ordered with us and/or other information that we think is practical. You have the right to let us know that you no longer wish to receive information from us. To do this we redirect you to the information below titled ‘deregister’. We can also use information about how you use our website to prevent and find fraud and fraudulent usage and to comply with lawful judgement, federal suggestions or relevant legislations.


We can share your personal details with external partners that use personal details in the name of Healthy Light. This could for example be necessary or useful for the usage of creditcards and payments, for delivery- and delivery purposes, to manage the brand- and product promotions and for the administration of specific services and features.

We use the IP-address of your computer. This IP-address is a number that automatically gets connected to your computer during a browser session. The IP-address on your computer can be used to see how websites are being used for the production of an analysis.

Like the cookie banner on our website shows, does Healthy Light use several kinds of cookies on the website. In this part we will explain what kinds of cookies those are, and for which purposes they are being used and how you can adapt your browser settings to accept or decline cookies. Accepting the cookies is not a prerequisite for visiting our website.

according to the EU law you have to give permission for the use of cookies. This cookie statement explains about which cookies we are talking. You can give us permission to use cookies in two ways: by closing the cookie notification you see on your first visit to the website, or to continue using our website. You will continue on our website (thereby accepting the placement of cookies) by clicking somewhere on the web pages of Healthy Light (except with opening the cookie statement) or to continue to other pages on the website of Healthy Light.

A cookie is a text file that gets placed on your computer when you visit a website. In this file information is stored. This information can be read by the website or other parties during a later visit. Some cookies are necessary to be able to run the website correctly. Others are used to improve the user friendliness of the website  for visitors or to show specific advertisements, for example about our social media channels. To remove cookies or to turn them off, you can turn off JavaScript and cookies. You have to take into consideration that our website will not be operating at its most efficient when you turn off cookies. Methods for turning off or removing cookies can be found below:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Safari (iOS)
  • Safari (macOS)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

the cookies that Healthy Light uses can be identified into several categories:

this category is necessary for successfully operating the website. They make sure that for example the information gets transferred from one page to the other. This means that you do not need to fill in the same information every time you visit another page. These cookies also make sure that some preferences that you have identified for use of the website (for example language) are being saved. To use these cookies you do not need to give permission first.

these cookies are needed to tune the website as well as possible to the wished of our users and the measure how our users interact with the website. We use Google Analytics. With Google Analytics we measure how you interact with our website and how you found us. We use this information to improve our website. For further details about these kind of cookies that these parties place and the information that we gather through them, we would like to redirect you to the privacy statements of these parties. To make use of these cookies you do not need to give permission.

With Google Analytics- and Adwords-cookies we measure how you use the Healthy Light website. We use this information to help you find the product that suits you best and to show you offers that might interest you during remarketing campaigns. We use cookies on Facebook and Instagram to see which products you are looking at. Through this we can show you relevant advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. For further details about the cookies that these parties use and the information they gather through them, we would like to redirect you to their privacy statements. To use these cookies we need your permission: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo.


You can share the content of our website with social media parties by using the relevant buttons. For further information about the cookies that these social media parties use when you press the buttons, we would like to redirect you to the privacy statements of these parties. To use these cookies your permission is required: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

From time to time we can make changes in this cookie policy statement without informing you, for example due to changes in the website or the legislation with regard to cookies. Changes will be effective immediately after publication on the website. We therefore advise you to read our cookie policy statement regularly to stay ahead of possible changes and, should you wish so, change your settings. When you continue to use the website, you have accepted all the changes in the cookie policy statement.

Should you not want us to use cookies, you can block them easily. You can also turn on notification in order to get notified when cookies are being used. To use this function you need to change the relevant settings in our browser.


You have the right to revoke your acceptation for the use of personal details with us. You also always have the right to access the personal details we save and process to, should you want to do so, have them deleted. Should this information be faulty, you can help us correct the information. Should you want to practise your rights for revocation, access, correct and/or delete your personal details that we save and/or process, please send us an e-mail to the address mentioned above titled ‘Contact details’.


Should you no longer wish to receive information about Healthy Light, you can always follow the instructions that are displayed in every marketing e-mail that you receive from Healthy Light.


We use several security measurements, including encryption for account passwords and authentication tools, to protect the safety of your personal details. Your personal details will be saved behind protected networks and are only accessible for a restricted group of people with special access rights to these systems. The personal details of clients that we collect or generate within the context of our website are being saved within The Netherlands. Your personal details will be collected for as long as we deem necessary for the goals for which we have collected, saved and processed the personal details. However we will not keep your personal details longer than five years, except for when applied legislation suggests otherwise, with the exception of information regarding statistical goals.


We would very much like to help you should you have any complaints about the processing of your personal details. You also have the right to file a complaint at the Authority of Personal details should you be of the opinion that we are not fully compliant with the relevant privacy legislations.


The kind of personal details that we need to reach the goals for which we need access to the personal details can be subject to change. Therefore we keep the right to change our privacy statement at all times. The most actual version of this privacy statement is on our website. Should you have any further questions concerning our privacy statement, you can contact us through the contact details above titled ‘Contact details’.


You should consider that sending information through the internet is never completely safe. We can not guarantee the security of the information if it is still being send through the internet and the sending of information through the internet is at your own risk. The only thing that we can do is to do all that is possibly to secure your personal details and to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for the usage of your personal details. Should you make use of a shared or public computer, we advise you to close your browser when you have completed your session to make sure that others do not have access to your personal details.


This privacy statement has been last modified on august 2018


Customers speaking

I have to go to the bathroom about 2 or 3 times per night, and I always became awake again because of the bright light in the bathroom. Now I have the red light of Healthy Light with which I can see, but do not become awake.
I have had the Healthy Light for a few weeks now and I solely use the redlight after 21:00 in order to bring myself into sleep mode. I think it works.
Great! With normal light I am always blinded at night and without light you will not see anything. The red light is a nice solution.

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Healthy Light Crew

The creators of Healthy light do not live in the dark. We love light and cannot live without, however we are also aware of the disadvantages that artificial light have brought us, most of those in the evenening and the night. By making people aware of the influence that artificial light has on the human body and by producing products that do not disrupt our biological rythm, we hope to add to our customers good nights rest. 

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