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Product information

Does the Healthy Light bulb fit in a standard fitting?

Yes, our lights have size E27 and therefore fit in the standard fitting. We also have  GU10
available for spots.  


Which fit does healthy Light offer?

 Our lights have size E27 (the standard fitting) and a GU10 fitting for spots.

How long does a Healthy Light last?

Healthy light lasts approximately 15.000 light hours at regular use. 

How does the Healthy Light switch work?

There is no need for a special switch for Healthy Light. There is only the matter of twisting the bulb in and you are ready for use! The switch works as ON-OFF with a normal light. 
With Healthy Light the switch works as follows: ON/OFF for red and directly ON/OFF again for the white light. Should the light not be turned on again immediately after the red light, will the light also be red the following time. 


How much can I see with the Healthy Light on?

As the purpose of a Healthy Light is to create a little light as possible, does the bulb give just enough light to safely walk through a room. Reading will not work. 

Do I sleep better using Healthy Light?

Yes, due to the red light from your Healthy light your body will not stop the production of melatonin. With normal light the production of melatonin does get disrupted. As long as the production of melatonin continues you will have less trouble falling asleep.

Can I buy the Healthy Light in big quantities?

Yes you can, to buy Healthy Light in bulk please contact

Can I become a Healthy Light reseller?


Yes you can, to become a Healthy Light reseller please contact us at

Order & Delivery

What are the delivery times of a Healthy Light?

When you order before 16:00h, your order will be send out on the same day. In most cases will PostNL deliver your order the following working day.

Do I have to stay at home in order to receive my order?

Orders are being send as packages, and will not fit through your mailbox. Therefore it is recommended for you or someone else to be at home during delivery. However your order can also be delivered at your neighbours house or at a pick-up point nearby. 

To which countries do you ship?

We deliver globally. 

Through which payment methods can I complete payment?

Payment at Healthy Light is fast and easy through the following payment methods:


Do I have to pay shipping costs?

The delivery costs are €4,95 per order.

Exchange & return

Does the Healthy Light have a warranty?

Every Healthy Light comes with 2 years of factory warranty.

Can I return / trade my Healthy Light?

When your Healthy Light does not adhere to your wishes, you can send the order retour to us within 30 days after ordering in the original packaging. The costs for the retour are at the expense of the consumer. The amount paid will be send back within 5 business days after receival.

Customers speaking

I have to go to the bathroom about 2 or 3 times per night, and I always became awake again because of the bright light in the bathroom. Now I have the red light of Healthy Light with which I can see, but do not become awake.
I have had the Healthy Light for a few weeks now and I solely use the redlight after 21:00 in order to bring myself into sleep mode. I think it works.
Great! With normal light I am always blinded at night and without light you will not see anything. The red light is a nice solution.

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Healthy Light Crew

The creators of Healthy light do not live in the dark. We love light and cannot live without, however we are also aware of the disadvantages that artificial light have brought us, most of those in the evenening and the night. By making people aware of the influence that artificial light has on the human body and by producing products that do not disrupt our biological rythm, we hope to add to our customers good nights rest. 

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