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What are cookies?
We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small folder that is being sent
with the pages on this website and is being saves on your computers harddrive through
your browser. This saved information can be sent to our servers again when you visit
the website again. The cookies that Healthy Light uses, can be divided in several

Functional cookies
This category is necessary to be able to have the website perform well. For example, they
make sure that the information is being transferred from one page onto the other. This
means that a user does not need to constantly fill in the same nformation again. Moreover the 
cookies make sure that some of your preferences that you made known for the use of the website
(like preferred language) is being saved. To make use of these cookies you do not have to give
permission first.

Analytical cookies
These cookies are necessary to be able to adjust our website to the best of our abilities
with regard to the wishes of our users and to assess how our users use the website. We
use Google Analytics. With Google Analytics we measure how you use our website and how you
found us. We use this information to improve our website. For more details about the cookies that
these parties place and the information that can be collected through those, we would like to redirect
you to the statements of these companies. To make use of these cookies you do not have to give
permission first. 

Marketing cookies
With Google Analytics- and Adwords cookies we measure how you make use of the Healthy
Light website. We use this information to help you choose to product that suits you the most 
and to give you offers for products that you might be interested in during remarketing campaigns.
We use cookies on Facebook and Instagram to see which products you are looking at. Through 
this we can show you relevant advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. For further details
about the cookies that these parties use and the information they collect, we would like to direct 
you to the statements of these parties. For these cookies your permission is required: Google,
Facebook and Instagram. 

Social media (plugin-)cookies
You can share the content on our website with social media parties by using the relevant
buttons. For further information about the cookies that these social media parties use when 
you press the relevant buttons, we would like to direct you to the social media parties statements.
For these cookies your permission is required: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. 

Changes in the cookie policy
From time to time we can make changes within this cookie policy without informing you,
for example because of changes in the website or the regulations for the use of cookies.
Changes will be operative immediately after publication on the website. We advise you
therefore to read our cookie policy regularly to be up to date on potential changes and to, 
should you wish so, change your settings. When you continue to use this website you are 
agreeing with all changes in the cookie policy. 

Block cookies?
Should you disagree with our use of cookies, you can easily block them. You can
also activate your notifications in order to know when cookies are being used. To be
able to use this feature you have to change the relevant settings in your browser.

On the following pages you can find more information about cookies:
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Consumentenbond: “Waarvoor dienen cookies?”
Consumentenbond: “Cookies verwijderen”
Consumentenbond: “Cookies uitschakelen”
Your Online Choices: “A guide to online behavioural advertising”

Customers speaking

I have to go to the bathroom about 2 or 3 times per night, and I always became awake again because of the bright light in the bathroom. Now I have the red light of Healthy Light with which I can see, but do not become awake.
I have had the Healthy Light for a few weeks now and I solely use the redlight after 21:00 in order to bring myself into sleep mode. I think it works.
Great! With normal light I am always blinded at night and without light you will not see anything. The red light is a nice solution.

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Healthy Light Crew

The creators of Healthy light do not live in the dark. We love light and cannot live without, however we are also aware of the disadvantages that artificial light have brought us, most of those in the evenening and the night. By making people aware of the influence that artificial light has on the human body and by producing products that do not disrupt our biological rythm, we hope to add to our customers good nights rest. 

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